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Arch Enemy - War Eternal

I’ve always enjoyed that, even though I have always got one main thing, I guess after 14 years… ReVamp is my main thing, but then if you join a band as big as Nightwish all of a sudden you have two main things. That is a bit different. I have always enjoyed doing side projects, and different type of music.


Floor Jansen from Nightwish. (previously after forever)


Hahaha orkar inte ens bry mig om något längre helvete

Chemical Insomnia + Unchain Utopia.

(Source: epicagraphics)


Becoming the female lead of Nightwish is the real-life Game of Thrones.



I’d love to hear Anette sing A lifetime of adventure

All of my faith left in the symphonic metal arena is riding on this lady now days. She stays so far away from all of the drama and shit even if, some might say, she was in the middle of all of it. Just a beautiful, talented woman. 

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